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Erythema (Redness) Advanced Treatment Kit


Total Rejuvenation Plasma

dr.dermal’s Total Rejuvenation Plasma is a complete anti-ageing serum that contains a natural enzymatic complex, which works hard on deep, stubborn wrinkles to uncover healthy, glowing skin in a short period of time.

Total Rejuvenation Mask (4ct)

dr.dermal’s Total Rejuvenation Mask is an ultra-hydrating luxurious organic silk sheet mask saturated with a peptide & hyaluronic acid rich serum to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair

dr.dermal’s MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair retinol cream is carefully formulated to provide controlled release of retinol into your skin, which ensures maximum skin renewal benefits whilst reducing the risk of irritation. With regular use it refines, repairs and revitalises the condition of your skin.

Total Rejuvenation Cleanser

dr.dermal’s Total Rejuvenation Cleanser is designed for every day use. With its combination of glycolic acid and lactic acid it effectively exfoliates the skin for a natural, glowing complexion.